Get a Job as a Software Engineer

Your school and online courses have given you a foundation in programming. Now it's time to become a professional software engineer.

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Filling the Gaps

We have put together the career guide to help you fill in the missing pieces when applying for programming jobs. The guide includes advice on:

  • how to best improve your programming skills
  • what programming practices you need to start immediately
  • how to best market yourself during interviews
  • what to expect when applying and interviewing

In short, it contains everything you need to know to get your first programming job.

What do companies need from their programmers?

The programming knowledge gained from college classes or online courses is often not enough for success as an entry-level software engineer. Companies need engineers that not only know the theories behind computer science but also know how to effectively write software in a team environment. Whether you’re self-taught or university-taught, there will be some gaps in your knowledge.

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